Wednesday, February 12, 2014

elections in india according to me is a constitutional drama.the out come of a magic figure of 50%+1 is the look out of all major parties to achieve.In order to achieve this objective they employs various tactics during the election months or weeks certain lucky parties succeed this is happening several years after independance of india
The majority of voters are ignorant of what is election? why election?etc.especially the rural area of north  india is the vote bank of some clever parties where they get vote for few rupees and a bottle of liquor
the election commission must see that giving the country into the hands of a team of gentle men to rule they are competant to rule the country.Are they entered into politics to serve them or nation for that they have to counsel the voter in various ways atleast for the first voting he should be counselled and educate what he is doing.
criminals and those who from unpatriotic backgrounds should not be provided with a seat to contest.a candidates wealth and background has to be surveyed genuinly.A major party can only rule india so similar thoughts can join together to form one party .Two major party is highly recommended ,one to rule and other  as constructive opposition.
All these measures will block to a certain extend the entry of antisocial elements,criminals,uneducated people.Ofcourse if nothing will do also a day will come people will retaliate.But india is a nation having great opportunites ahead,and can achieve the same in 10 years time otherwise it will happen after 100 years may be by a bloody coup or a military rule .but if the basic voter to the minister think with a vision right now iam sure that will be the begining of superpowermaking for the next decade