Monday, February 24, 2014

human gods of india

the concept of god came into the human minds from fear in the good old days .The ancient man failed to explain so many mighty forces of the nature scientifically.Some such natural things are scary to him and beyond his explantion that  turned like god for him,which helps him to the barbarian man has no softeness,no social relations ,he will fight with fellow animals around him and the term survival of the fittest turned meaning full.those days sun,moon,stars,etc did posative things to him so he wondered there is something unexplainable secrets hidden in it and start worshipping..civilisation slowly grow in its thinking power  his body size reduced .he learened science,found fire and its power then a lot of them pray fire as the god,he saw his own replica in mirror and pray the mirror as a power the list grew endlessly as his scientific invention went to heights.his old pray icons stands seccond to the modern ones.slowly muscle power turned to money power.human race spent less time for physical activities and more time was devoted on brain work.most of the natural gods remain there but imaginary characters and some very honest and successful kings etc turned the next wonders and later sit in their pray room as gods in certain other religions historians made certain characters with all goodness to attract the negative minds to posative way and to tell the man kind that a person harmless to his co human beings can only reach heaven.there too he left animals which is always for his food .science grew along with the human race ,rationalists struggled to explain that the god is only a belief and it is made by man to deviate the human race from doing evil to good.
Again we grew to computer world we fly faster than sound and gave birth to a dolly goat in lab.In the side by side man set a currency system to stop physical fight for there necessary item then start the currency war.there too strong men controlled the world he creates a god who is the most dominant god of the world ,again the seccond strong group creates god and he stood the seccond .In india we had a huge number of gods .
the current situation is so different now we are controlled by computers everything is in the desktop.but we get uneasiness everyday due to the lack of a get together,a lack of confidence etc .now each small family struggles with in the 4 walls of his house and they are really frustrated
their mind gets depressed leads to unrest ,someof them become so uneasy that they are in search of an advisor..they expects this advise not from his honest friend,father ,mother or brother but a saint with magical power
in india especially in villages these saints starts with small magic and attracts a name the name grows they employs good sales men to spread their words.certain lucky ones really become the real human god .they makes hospitals,townships,business so on and so forth ,
once they become so strong they sometime shows the destruction habits of the god they do it brutally.a society and lakhs of people involved they are forced to support what ever bad deeds they do,this become a god mafia
unquestionably they become powerful and do one job of god mainly that is destruction of his enimies, physically,by money,power and everything
this state is very difficult to achieve but in the current deteriorating mental health of a millions of indians can create so many wealthy human gods to rule them,loot them and kill them too